Statistics Data of NestBox

Here are the Statics data we have achieved over these years. 


- Work on nest box started in late 2018 around Bangalore
- There is a lack of suitable tree cavities for nesting even in protected areas
- More than 200 boxes have been installed in different areas in and around Bangalore
- 2019 was the first year when full data on secondary cavity-nesting species were obtained
- Birds nesting in boxes include Cinereous tit, Common Myna, Chestnut-tailed starling, Oriental Magpie Robin, white-rumped shama, spotted owlet


- Total number of boxes installed in 2019: 97
- Occupancy rate in 2019: 27%


- Covid-19 impeded our ability to monitor boxes at all the sites
- Reasonably decent data was available only at one site
- Total number of boxes available in 2020 (one site only): 81
- Occupancy rate in 2020 (one site only): 31%

Note: Some nesting data missing due to covid-19 so the actual occupancy is more like 35%