Our Mission

To create awareness that it’s still possible to put minds and hearts into assisting wildlife to recover

Our Vision

Create new homes for birds with the help of like minded people

Our Values

To provide an opportunity to make a difference into lives that matter

Oriental Magpie Robin

Who are we...

The avian population (with exception of some species) has been in decline for sometime due to a variety of factors such as urbanization, deforestation, pesticides, pollution etc. One of the factors affecting population is availability of suitable nesting sites. Besides saving old trees a viable solution for cavity nesting birds is to provide nest boxes at suitable sites. A group of us residing in Bangalore came together in 2018 to provide nest boxes for secondary cavity nesting birds like Magpie robin, tits, mynas, starlins, owls, hornbills in urban and semi-forested areas around Bangalore. The concept of providing boxes for nesting birds is still in its infancy in India.

How can we help

The purpose of this website is to spread the word on the need for nest boxes for birds due to lack of suitable natural nesting cavities. The provision of nest boxes is especially important for secondary cavity nesting birds that are in the vulnerable or endangered list. The intent of this site is to house all the relevant information needed for anyone to build, instal and maintain a nest box in their spare time. The time and resources required for this endeavour are minimal about few weekends a year. The joy in making and putting up a nest box and see it occupied by birds raising their young provides immense satisfaction.

We can help you.

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